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What brings us together is our passion for sustainability from a human capital perspective. We are genuinely interested in the potential of creativity for growth. We upskill team's and help organisation embrace a culture of innovation and continues learning.

Our history started in 2017 when we met at a Design Thinking course in Stockholm. Ever since we have been meeting occasionally to exchange perspectives and have fun. Growing up in different  parts of the world; Saudi Arabia and Italy, those meetings were full of ideas that toward the end of 2019 grew to become Whisk. Karin with more than 20 years of experience in education, creativity, and social entrepreneurship. Amani with +10 years experience in the marketing, advertising and PR industry, beside a recent specialisation and training in innovation management. Together with our strong experiences in visual communication and human centred design, we support our clients with a range of services where we bridge the gap between organisations and the impact they can have on people particularly and on society as whole.


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