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Are you a Leader?

“I need creativity to build capabilities for innovation in my organisation and change culture” 


—  Anna, CEO 


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Enhance the creative performance of your workforce by improving three aspects of creativity: The Mind in which we think, The Behaviours in which we interact, and The Methods in which we work. 

Innovation Tools

Ways of Working

Communication Habits

Sets of Behaviours

Creativity Training

The Creative Mind

Our Upskilling Methodology

Choose one of our learning experiences below to expand the skillset of your team


Encourage ideas and promote positivity

Resistance to new ideas seems to be a lasting human characteristic, many breakthroughs of modern science were initially rejected or ignored mainly because they were new or different.


Give new ideas a better chance of acceptance at your workplace, and come up with innovative solutions. 


  • Creative training in remote association and advanced combination strategies to generate unique ideas and innovate.

  • Discussion habits to keep skeptical thinking away during ideation sessions.

  • Innovation tool to improve on ideas and to give better feedback to ideas you are evaluating.

Image by davisuko

90 min Remote/On-site 

max 20 participants

Challenge the status quo and innovate

Courage is difficult because it requires us to go against the norm of what is going on around us. While it might be something we are born with, it doesn’t come naturally to us as adults. It takes practice.

Give your team the confidence to take on challenges, encourage friction, and reduce conformity.


  • Creativity challenges to switch from the auto-pilot mood, break habits and discover new ways of doing things.

  • Discussion habits to not simply accept conclusion, but critique the underlying reasons. Help welcome good questions to understand the strengths and weaknesses of ideas.

  • Master the method of radical ideation with simple brainstorming routines from individual ideating to group decision making.


90 min Remote/On-site

max 20 participants

Generate inclusive offerings

Inclusion doesn't stop at having a diverse workforce but leveraging that diversity to produce better products and services. The focus is on meeting different needs. Increasing people’s actual participation, not just their symbolic representation. 

Increase the participation of underrepresented minorities to generate more inclusive solutions 


  • Creative training in observation skills -with more than just looking- to link sensory experience and mental awareness as closely as possible.

  • A powerful habit for generating human-centered solutions. Practices to take someone else's point of view to reduce implicit bias.

  • Innovation method to help your team include and learn from people with a range of perspectives. Actionable steps to take towards inclusive design

Image by Volodymyr Hryshchenko

90 min Remote/On-site

max 20 participants

Psychological Safety 

Many stigmatise mistakes and run cultures where failure are the worst thing one can make. The result is that we are educating people out of their creative capacities, and creating atmosphere where people are hesitate to offer alternative perspective.

You need to go beyond positive statements to generate the safety people need


90 min Remote/On-site

max 20 participants

We use interactive tools to deliver experiences that are not only live but alive.

 🇸🇪 Erbjudande

En lärande organisation som stöttar innovation

Vi ger dig nya verktyg för att göra medarbetarna hörda, stärka din identitet och lyfta kommunikation.

Vi erbjuder ett introduktionspaket med två webbinarier samt två träffar med en pilotgrupp för att påbörja en resa med ditt team som resurs. Målet är att introducera ett nytt sätt att tänka kring ett ledarskap för förändring. 


  • Använd ditt team för att identifiera komplexa problem och ta tillvara på nya idéer.

  • Hitta lösningar på nuvarande utmaningar med fokus på framtida medborgare.

  • Träna på färdigheter i ditt team som är relevanta för morgondagen.


Future Skills

"Today, the qualities that workers—and organizations—need to survive and thrive are very different from those they needed in the past. One reason for this is that economies are shifting from an age of production to an age of imagination. In the past, business success relied mainly on deploying precisely calibrated skills to efficiently construct products or deliver services at scale. Today, success increasingly depends on innovation, entrepreneurship, and other forms of creativity that rely not just on skills, but also on less quantifiable capabilities such as critical thinking, emotional intelligence, and collaboration."

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